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Preventative Care with our Austin Veterinarian

Happy dog with Veterinarian

At Dessau Vet Clinic, our veterinarian in Austin specializes in providing your pet with the preventative care services he or she needs across all stages of life. Whether you have a newly adopted kitten/puppy, an adult pet, or a senior pet, we offer a wide range of health and wellness services to suit your needs.

The Importance of Pet Wellness Care

There are many different aspects of wellness care to consider when it comes to your pet. Generally speaking, wellness care refers to any services designed to help your pet maintain his or her health. This includes routine health and wellness exams (which we recommend once or twice a year for most pets), as well as keeping your pet up-to-date on all recommended vaccinations. 

Dental care is also an important aspect of your pet's wellness; pets that receive routine dental exams and cleanings are less likely to develop serious oral health problems, such as cavities and even gum disease.

When was the last time your pet had a routine wellness exam? If it's been more than a year (or more than six months for senior pets), your pet is overdue. Keeping up-to-date with these appointments is so important, even if your pet doesn't show any obvious signs of health problems. That's because these appointments give our veterinary team an opportunity to assess your pet's overall health and look for changes that could indicate the need for further testing or evaluation. During these exams, we can also screen for serious underlying medical conditions as well as get your pet up-to-date on any vaccinations that may be needed.

Other Important Wellness Services to Consider

In addition to routine exams, dental cleanings, and vaccinations, there are some other wellness services you may want to consider for your pet. If your pet is not currently on a flea and tick preventative, now is a great time to speak to our vet about options. These are ideal for protecting your pet from fleas and ticks, as well as the diseases they can carry and transmit.

Is your pet spayed or neutered? If not, this is yet another service we have to offer. Having your pet spayed or neutered is a great way to prevent unwanted litters while also protecting your pet from certain types of reproductive cancer.

Request an Appointment with our Pflugerville Vet Today!

If you'd like to schedule an appointment with our Pflugerville vet or if you have any additional questions about our preventative care services, be sure to give our office a call. You can reach Dessau Vet Clinic at (512) 339-3177.