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Posted on 07-18-2017

Symptoms of Pet Heat Stroke

Pet Heatstroke

As temperatures rise this summer in North Austin, the team at Dessau Veterinary Clinic wants to remind everyone about the importance of preventing pet heat stroke. If you pay close attention to your pet and the environment and know what to do in periods of high heat, you can keep your beloved animal companion from having a medical emergency that could easily be prevented.

Symptoms of pet heat stroke include difficulty in breathing, excessive panting, diarrhea, vomiting, seizures and disorientation. Get treatment as soon as possible if you notice these symptoms when the weather is hot.

Causes of Heat Stroke in Pets

Here are common causes that can result in heat stroke in your dog or cat:

  • Overdoing exercise when it’s hot outside: Take it easy during the summer and restrict activity to the coolest times of the day.
  • Leaving your pet locked in a car: Don’t make the mistake of thinking your pet will be okay if you leave the window cracked. Temperatures can quickly rise to fatal levels.
  • Becoming trapped in a small space: It’s not unusual for smaller pets to get stuck somewhere, such as a cat in an attic or garage. Keep an eye on your pets’ whereabouts.
  • Air conditioning not running indoors: Being stuck inside a home during summer can be even worse than being outside if the AC isn’t on.

Advice From Your Veterinarian in North Austin about Pet Heat Stroke

If you suspect a case of heat stroke, act immediately. Put wet, cool towels on your pet’s neck, in the groin region and armpits and apply water to the paws and ears too. Then, bring your pet to the vet as soon as possible for professional care. 

Schedule an Appointment for a Pet Wellness Checkup at Dessau Veterinary Clinic 

Pet owners know that their animal companions will lead happier and healthier lives when they visit the vet for an annual wellness checkup. 

We are proud to offer services for pets in Pflugerville and the greater North Austin area and beyond. If you can’t remember the last time you brought your dog or cat in for an evaluation, delay no further. For more information on protecting your pet from heat stroke or to book an appointment with a veterinarian in North Austin, please contact Dessau Veterinary Clinic today.


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