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Posted on 06-19-2017

Benefits of Microchipping your Pet


Our veterinarian in North Austin near Pflugerville recommends that all dog and cat owners consider pet microchipping. Thousands of beloved pets have been safely reunited with grieving owners thanks to these small and inexpensive identification devices. Most kittens and puppies 4 weeks of age or older can be safely implanted with a chip. However, they should weight at least a pound before undergoing this painless procedure.

What Exactly is Pet Microchipping?

The microchip for dogs, cats, and other animals are about the size of a rice grain. Your veterinarian in North Austin will insert this tiny device just below the skin surface typically just behind the neck, and no anesthesia is required for the procedure. Most microchips for pets have three components: an integrated circuit, coil inductor and a capacitor wrapped in a leak-proof shell for pet safety. There’s no concern about your pet’s increased risks of cancer-related illnesses, microchips are passive devices with no internal power source. They are only active at the time they are scanned. Pets should always be scanned prior to the procedure to ensure there's is no chip currently present.

Key Benefits of a Microchip for Dogs and Cats

Lost animals with microchips have a much greater chance of being recovered by their owners. Any shelter or veterinarian can scan lost pets and learn vital information about the pet and its owner. Microchips reveal the pet and owner’s name along with their contact information and the veterinarian who inserted the device. Pet owners receive a certificate of registration to prove ownership that contains recovery information if their pet is found. Another benefit of implant identification chips is that they stay securely in place unlike tags on collars that can fall off or easily be removed.             

Schedule an Appointment with our North Austin Veterinarian

If you want to learn more about the process or schedule a consultation or appointment for pet microchipping, contact Dessau Veterinary Clinic in Austin at 512-339-3177 today. Our caring and compassionate team of animal lovers proudly service North Austin, Pflugerville and the surrounding communities with quality pet care.

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