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Posted on 09-20-2017

Types of Pet Skin Conditions From Your Austin Veterinarian

pet scratching

We expect our pets to have shiny coats all the time, and rarely give any thought to their skin health, unless they have a sore or dandruff on them. But, animals can develop skin conditions or problems, just like humans. Your veterinarian in North Austin is here to help you at those times, and get Fido or Fluffy back to looking and feeling their best. Here are some common skin conditions in dogs and cats, and when to see a vet about them.

Common Dog and Cat Skin Conditions

Your dog or cat is susceptible to a number of common skin conditions. Here are some of the ones you will see the most often on your beloved pets.

Dull Coats

This is common to both dogs and cats and often represents a nutritional deficiency. Getting them on a diet rich in healthy fatty acids often fixes it. It can also be a sign of a number of underlying health conditions. Your vet is the best person to determine the cause and give you the correct treatment for your pet.


Sores can be caused by so many different things. Mites, parasites, allergies, injuries, infections, and even autoimmune skin disorders. It is important to take your pet to a veterinarian to get the proper diagnosis, as each possible cause has a different treatment.


Skin allergies can be miserable for your pet. All that itching and redness is upsetting for them. Get them to the veterinarian to find the cause of the allergy, and either eliminate the allergen from their environment or get them on a soothing treatment.

Hair Loss

Mites, fleas, worms, other parasites, or more serious underlying conditions can cause this in dogs and cats. Only your veterinarian can tell you for sure, and get your pet feeling well again.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Austin Veterinarian

There are other common skin conditions in dogs and cats. Itchiness is more of a problem for dogs, while skin swelling is a particular issue for cats. Regardless of the way a skin condition presents itself in your pet, you want them to get well quickly, so they feel good and are like their old selves again. Bring them to our veterinary clinic to get the best pet skin condition treatment in Austin. Contact us today to make an appointment for your pet's first visit with us. We can be reached at (512) 339-3177.

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