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Emergency Vet Serving North Austin and Pflugerville

When you have a pet emergency, seconds count. Fortunately, Dessau Vet Clinic, your North Austin veterinarian is right around the corner to expertly deal with just about any health crisis that may arise. Serving North Austin and Pflugerville, our emergency veterinarian is here during clinic hours to administer life-saving care and bring your pet back to health. Here are some more common emergencies.

Signs of Crisis

Most of the time you will know right away that your pet needs emergency care by a vet. Some signs include loss of consciousness and unresponsiveness. When a pet is unresponsive he or she requires immediate care. Uncontrollable seizures and shaking are other indications that prompt care is necessary. Seizures may mean your pet has heat stroke, liver failure, or kidney failure, all life-threatening conditions.

Accidental Poisoning

Some pets just love to eat, and that means anything and everything with no regard for their life and limb. Chocolate is a dangerous offender as are onions and antifreeze. Vomiting and diarrhea for over 24 hours is a definite pet emergency possibly caused by accidental poisoning. Also, if your pet’s abdomen is swollen and tender, this can indicate other serious conditions that also require immediate emergency care.

Antifreeze Poisoning

Antifreeze poisoning requires a separate discussion because of its devastating effects on pets. It often looks like other issues which makes it even more dangerous. If your pet is excessively thirsty and urinating more often, it’s a red flag, especially when accompanied by seizures and disorientation.

Blunt Force Trauma

Most often this type of trauma is caused when your pet is hit by a car. Sometimes it is clearly obvious that this is what happened, but sometimes not. For example, your cat may come home limping and you have no idea why. Even if you see no obvious signs of damage to your pet, such as broken bones, this is still a situation that requires an emergency veterinarian in case there are any internal injuries or other non-visible injuries. With our immediate and expert care, we can provide life-saving assistance for your pet.

Heat Stroke

We live in a hot climate, and in the summertime, this is a common cause of distress and potential health crisis for your pet. The more obvious symptoms of this emergency are heavy panting, erratic pulse, frothing or foaming at the mouth, dark gums and glazed eyes. Immediate care from a North Austin emergency vet to get your pet rehydrated and cooled-down.

If a pet emergency strikes, we are here to provide expert, life-saving care for your pet during our clinic hours. If you need care after hours, Emergency Pet Care of Round Rock (512-961—5200) is there to serve you.

You can contact us at: (512) 339-3177