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Flea and Tick Prevention for North Austin and Pflugerville Pets

There seems to be no shortage of fleas and ticks inhabiting the North Austin and Pflugerville areas -- and that can be very bad news for your beloved pets. These small but dangerous creatures live off the blood of mammals, and to do so they must break the skin with their bite, transferring diseases and creating skin irritation in the process. If you want to keep your four-legged friends safe from these parasites, you need the convenient, effective preventative solutions offered here at Dessau Vet Clinic.

cat and dog

Fleas are as notorious for their ability to transmit illness as they are for their leaping ability, their tiny size and the maddening itch they cause. In addition to the dreaded bubonic plague, fleas also carry parasites such as tapeworms and "cat scratch disease." A severe flea infestation can cause life-threatening blood loss in a small or weak animal. Even if your pet escapes these dangers, the bite itself can trigger an allergic reaction. The resulting dermatitis compels obsessive scratching to the point that the skin develops an open wound -- and this can lead to serious infections from invading bacteria. 

Ticks pose similar threats, but in different ways. These creatures can draw a considerable amount of blood from their host; they also produce thousands of eggs and can be more difficult to kill than fleas. (Even recently-hatched tick larvae can feed on the host animal, with no need to wait until adulthood.) Like fleas, ticks can cause dermatitis. The diseases they carry include Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and ehrlichiosis, among others.

Schedule Preventative Care at Our Austin Veterinary Clinic 

It's worth pointing out that fleas and ticks are just as happy to feast on humans as on dogs or cats -- so keeping these parasites away from your pets is a great way to help keep them away from other family members too. The smartest way to do that is to initiate an ongoing preventative medication regimen for your animals.

Either veterinarian at our veterinary clinic, Dr. Campbell or Dr. Waage, can recommend a variety of flea and tick medications, each with its own particular strong points. For example, you might choose a topical product such as Revolution, which is available for both dogs and cats. Topical medications go on quickly and easily, and they're good for pets who resist swallowing pills -- but if you want an even neater and simpler solution, oral medications are available. The downside is that these medications tend to kill fleas but not ticks, necessitating a second solution for those parasites. If your pet is not allergic to flea and tick collars, these products can kill both fleas and ticks for several months at a time.

Your veterinarian can help you make the wisest choice for your pet's needs. Call our veterinary clinic at (512) 339-3177 to arrange flea and tick prevention for your North Austin or Pflugerville pet!