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Emergency Vet Services Offered By Your Austin Veterinarian Team

When you have a pet emergency you need emergency vet services ready and available. At Dessau Veterinary Clinic we provide emergency veterinarian care for your dogs and cats. As your leading veterinarian provider in North Austin our goal is to help you find the right vet care to meet your emergency situation. Begin by identifying what to do with a pet emergency for your cats and dogs. 

vet emergency

Veterinarian Emergencies for Pet Poisoning

Some of the most common emergencies we treat here at Dessau Veterinary Clinic in Austin involve eating or drinking something that is not safe for animals. This could be antifreeze, which is commonly available in garages and during the winter months. The sweet taste of antifreeze only leads pets to want to ingest even more of the stuff. If your pet has been poisoned by antifreeze common signs are excessive thirst and urination, as well as disorientation and seizures. See your vet immediately for treatment. 

Other causes for poisoning in pets are the result of foods and plants that are dangerous, and possibly deadly, for animals. Chocolate, sugar candies, and onions are just some of the foods that can cause grave danger for pets especially when consumed in high quantities. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals there are hundreds of poisonous plants that can harm dogs and cats. Just a few examples include daffodils, lilies, sago palm, and poinsettia. If you notice that your dog or cat has eaten the leaves, roots, or flowers from poisonous plants get help immediately even if the animal isn’t showing signs of being poisoned. 

Emergency Vet Care for Accidents in Austin 

If your pet is involved in an accident, such as getting hit by a car or being involved in a fight with other animals, these can cause serious internal damage to your pet. Often you won’t see any symptoms of injuries, such as broken bones, so you want to get your pet checked out to be on the safe side. Another common problem for pets in Austin is heat stroke due to the hot climate. If your pet is panting heavily, foaming at the mouth, and has dark gums these are signs they are suffering from heat stroke. Finally, if your pet is found to be unconscious, shaking uncontrollable, or having a seizure these are instances when you need emergency vet care via the Dessau Veterinary Clinic.

Visit Your North Austin Vet for Emergency Pet Care

If you are dealing with an emergency contact your North Austin vet for pet care. Here at Dessau Veterinary Clinic in Austin we provide emergency pet services during our office hours. We are open from 7 am until 6 pm Monday through Friday, and from 8 am to noon on Saturday. Contact our office at 512-339-3177 to get emergency assistance for your dogs and cats. Please note if you have an after-hours pet emergency we recommend calling Emergency Pet Care of Round Rock at 512-961-5200.