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Gentle, Safe, Comfortable Pet Boarding in North Austin and in Pflugerville

Whether you need dog boarding, cat boarding or a puppy hotel for your newest family member, you can count on Dessau Veterinary Clinic for a healthy, loving home away from home. We want your pets to have the best, most comfortable care possible when boarding is necessary.

It's natural to feel anxiety when leaving a pet behind while you travel. Yet traveling with a pet can be awkward both for owner and animal. As you are probably aware, many lodgings don't allow pets.

By boarding your pet at Dessau Vet Clinic, 12315 Dessau Rd., Austin, TX, you can relax more easily while away. Our North Austin veterinarian and boarding staff provide excellent care.

Austin dog boarding

Boarding Facilities & Requirements

Although part of our building, our boarding area is separate from our hospital. This helps to maintain a calmer atmosphere. Speaking of maintaining the peace, we also have separate areas for dogs and cats.

The facility is climate controlled and well ventilated. Regular cleanup of kennels and play areas helps to protect pet health.

To protect the health of our boarders, we require that all pets who stay here be up-to-date on core vaccinations -- such as rabies and distemper -- as well as the Bordetella shot to ward off kennel cough.

Veterinarian and Staff Supervision

Many times pet owners who need to travel for vacation or on business leave pets at home and arrange for neighbors or pet services to provide drop-in care. However, pets can get lonely, cause household damage, swallow poisons, get hurt in other ways while on their own and maybe even run away. 

In contrast, pet boarding offers greater safety and damage control. But not all boarding facilities have a vet in North Austin on staff.

Dessau vets supervise our boarding area and are available for medical care when necessary. Also, our vets and staff pay close attention to any special instructions you provide regarding special dietary or medical needs.

Similar to each Dessau veterinarian in North Austin, our staff work here because they love animals. You can count on them to give your pets lots of attention, supervised activity, mental stimulation and loving care. Plus, our facility prevents pet escapes.

e more way owners can become acquainted with the layout, comfort level and design of our facilities.

Austin dog grooming

Dog Boarding

Our canine boarders receive frequent walks and supervised playtime in groups of dogs matched by size and personality.

Aside from proof of vaccinations, we need a recent fecal sample from your dog to test for contagious problems such as worms. Heartworm and flea medication is also necessary.

Cat Boarding

Our cat kenneling area offers perches for long, sunny naps. Opportunities to cuddle and play with staff are available.  Don't forget that we require up-to-date vaccinations for boarding.

Best Pflugerville Veterinarian and North Austin Vet Service

For top veterinary and boarding care locally, please call or email us at Dessau Vet Clinic. We are open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon.